Wren + Glory

Two passionate sisters Renee & Gloria are the faces behind Wren+Glory.
Since childhood, we were passionate about fashion as a form of expression. The challenge that presented itself was that most of
the time the styles we preferred did not exist.
So much time was spent searching and failing to find the styles we envisioned. One day, in October 2018, Gloria finally decided to
create her own dream instead of looking around for it. Using her passion for art and painting, our first ever jacket was made. The
response was overwhelming. Wren+Glory was officially born!
Painting apparel for family and friends became painting apparel for the world.
Our styles are geared towards people looking for something unique, cool, different and yet accessible. We create for people, who
like us, can’t find what they’re looking for in the fashion world. We create pieces for YOU.
We proudly say that we are a made-to-order, female-owned, family-run business. We ensure minimal waste and sustainability. We
also employ only local artists.

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