Fun Ways You Can Layer Your Sweaters (Perfect for Fall)

Like anything to do with your personal style, the best way to layer sweaters is whatever makes you feel confident! That said, if you’re looking for style inspo, look no further. Here are our tips and tricks to staying cozy while s-layering your sweaters this fall.

Look for Different Lengths

For a layered look, try finding different lengths. A short-hem sweater looks great with a long-hem shirt underneath.

This kind of layered look has the added bonus of looking less bulky than simply putting a shirt underneath a sweater. Try it with a long sleeve shirt, which looks extra-cute when the sleeves poke out of the sweater.

Maize Sweater

The Maize Sweater is a great way to try the layered look. The neutral colours make it easy to pair with anything, but the cross-over pattern keeps it from being boring. Plus, it hits at the hip, so you can easily pair a longer shirt underneath.

Maize sweater from elan

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Make that Collar Pop

Ok, we don’t actually recommend popping your collar, but we do recommend layering a sweater with a collared shirt. A button-up underneath a sweater is a classic, timeless look.

A sweater plus a collared shirt is a quintessential preppy look. If preppy isn’t your vibe, try a sweater with a funky pattern to make the look more unique and edgy.

The Kitty Sweater

The Kitty Sweater puts a fun twist on the classic collared-shirt-and-sweater outfit. Plus, its shorter hem allows the hem of your shirt to stick out, adding another layer to the look. 

The kitty sweater by pink martini

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Play with Patterns & Styles

Playing with different textures and patterns are a great way to make any look your own. Plus, unique patterns are a great way to make a sweater look more contemporary.

A striped shirt under a knit sweater, for example, creates an interesting look without being overwhelming. Or, you can simplify the look by going for a sweater with a unique pattern.

Mixed Up Sweater

The Mixed Up Sweater is a great way to mix it up! The solid colours are interesting while still being easy to pair with other colours and patterns. Pair it with a solid outfit for a unique look, or take it up a notch by pairing it with another, smaller pattern.

Mixed up sweater by molly bracken

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Double Up

What’s better than one sweater? Two sweaters! On days where it’s freezing cold or days you aren’t ready to bring out your winter jacket, doubling up is the way to go.

There is a way to pair sweaters without it looking too bulky. Make your first layer a thin sweater (cashmere or cashmere-like sweaters work great for this). Then, top the thinner sweater with an open, looser cardigan for a look that’s cozy, not frumpy.

Stockport Coatigan

The Stockport Coatigan looks great with, well, pretty much everything. The copper colour screams fall and pairs great with any shirt or sweater. Top it with a scarf and you’re set for fall.

Shockport coatigan in copper by pink martini

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Dress Up Your Look

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to say “good-bye” to your dresses. In fact, layering a sweater over a dress is a great way to get more wear out of your summer dresses in fall and winter.

Another outfit to try is a sweater dress. They look great layered with tights, leggings, or jeggings for extra warmth when the temperature drops. 

Sierra Sweater

The Sierra Sweater is going to make you fall in love with fall. Make the most out of your summer dresses by layering this knit sweater over top. The cropped length and plunging neckline will keep you cozy without feeling frumpy. 

Sierra sweater by elan

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Try the Tuck

You’ve probably tried the French tuck (tucking in the front half of your top) with shirts, but it also works great with sweaters. By doing a French tuck and not a full tuck, you prevent your waistband from looking bulky. 

And by tucking in your sweater, you prevent it from cutting off your leg line, giving the illusion of longer legs. Plus, it’s a great way to show off high-waisted pants.

The Knit Heart Sweater

The Knit Heart Sweater looks great, tucked in or not. If you do tuck it in though, it’s thin enough to fit into your waistband without too much bulk.

The knit heart sweater by molly bracken

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Go Sleeveless

Who said sweaters needed sleeves? A sleeveless sweater is a fun way to mix up your fall wardrobe.

Sleeveless sweaters are still cozy without being stuffy. Go sleeveless or try a long-sleeved shirt underneath for a look that’s totally unique.

Grey Mix Sleeveless Turtleneck

The Grey Mix Sleeveless Turtleneck is a great way to try a sleeveless sweater. The grey knit fabric means you can pair it with anything, whether you want to wear a shirt underneath or not. 

Grey mix sleeveless sweater by elan

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