About us

 Do we sell one of a kind pieces of heaven that make you look and feel like a million bucks? Yup! Do we sell the most buttery soft pieces of loungewear and your favourite brand of denim to make your week  both fashionable and functional? Yup. Can you combine the two and make a kick ass outfit while staying true to what makes you you? Hell, yes! 
Sublime YYC is a locally owned and operated fashion boutique that was born out of necessity; an identifiable gap in the retail fashion industry where the shopping experience was lacking genuine and authentic personality. Our in-store experience is founded on the truth that confidence trumps price tags, brand names and what other people think you should be wearing. We think being authentic is what good style is all about.
Our clients don’t come to Sublime because they want to fit in. They come because they know who they are and have found a little piece of the world where they can be  themselves. A space where service is built on honest opinions from genuine people who want you to look and feel your best.


Visit us at Sublime, where the tunes are good, the laughs are real and the experience is always amazing!