The Ultimate Guide to Shackets

What Is a Shacket?

A shacket is exactly what it sounds like! Part sweater, part jacket. Essentially, it’s a lightweight jacket that you can wear in mild weather. 

Shackets aren’t waterproof for the most part, so they’re probably not your go-to on a rainy day. But if it’s around 5 and 15 degrees and not too windy or rainy, a shacket can be the perfect transitional season piece for fall or spring.

Shackets are great for those days when it’s too hot for a jacket but too cold for nothing at all. They also have a variety of style options, making them a lot easier to style than bulky coats.

Plus, the longer silhouettes and materials make shackets much easier to dress up than a regular sweater. But because they’re still kind of a sweater, you can dress them down too.

What Are Shackets Made Of?

Like mentioned earlier, most shakers aren’t waterproof or weatherproof. They’re typically made of the same materials as many sweaters, they just have additional or heavier lining to make them warmer.

Some common materials for shackets include:

  • Flannel
  • Demin
  • Quilted fabric
  • Sherling
  • Leather
  • Fleece

What Are the Best Ways to Wear Shackets?

The great thing about shackets is that they go with just about anything! You can dress them up or down, making them a great fit for everything from grabbing groceries to a night out.

Shackets look great when left open/unzipped, allowing you to show off your whole outfit. One of our favourite outfits to pair with a shacket is:

  • Ankle boots
  • ⅞ or ankle-length denim
  • Plain t-shirt

But shackets are great for letting your personal style shine through! Everything from a sweatsuit to a cocktail dress can look great with a shacket. 

5 Shackets We Love

Shally Quilted Coat

The Shally Quilted Coat is a bestseller--and for a good reason! It really is the perfect piece for spring and fall.

The quilted pattern has a classy feel, making it easy to dress up. The bomber jacket collar also gives this shacket a cool vibe, meaning you can wear this piece while running errands and not look out of place.

Eldridge Plaid Jacket

The Eldridge Plaid Jacket makes it easy to wear plaid just about anywhere! While the plaid pattern gives the shacket a laid-back feel, the blazer-inspired silhouette means you can dress it up too.

This shacket is another bestseller, and it’s easy to see why. It’s cool and sophisticated at the same time. Plus, it comes in 4 colours: cognac, light taupe, sage, and red.

Shop Eldridge Plaid Jacket 

Love on Crop Shacket

If longer styles aren’t your jam, the Love on Crop Shacket just might be. This cropped style hits at the hip, rather than most shackets, which hit around the upper leg.

The shorter length makes this shacket great for warmer days and for creating a longer leg line. Plus, the vegan leather and boxy shape are balanced by the ultra-feminine balloon sleeves, allowing you to wear this shacket with tons of different looks.

Shop Love on Crop Shacket 

Cerise Cardigan

The Cerise Cardigan is the perfect combination of cozy and cute. It has a flowy oversized silhouette, but it’s structured collar keeps it from looking frumpy.

Whether you want to throw it over a business casual look for work, or wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, this cardigan works with almost any outfit. Plus, it comes in 2 colours, black and apricot (and you just might need both!)

Shop Cerise Cardigan 

Benela Coatigan

Coatigan, shacket, who are we to judge? What we do know for sure is that this coatigan/shacket is the perfect cozy wardrobe staple. It looks great with a dress and over jeans and a plain t-shirt.

The thinner material also means this shacket can be worn under a bigger jacket, unlike most shackets. It’s such a versatile piece, you’ll want to wear it all year round.

Shop Benela Coatigan

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